Смазочно-охлаждающие жидкости, реагенты и оборудование.

For clearing and filtration

For clearing and filtration

1949     POLO-Filter-Technik Bremen GmbH was founded, original under the name: Dr. Ing. Erich Dinglinger KG.
1950     During the founding period and the next few years, filters for cleaning fuels and lubricating oils were build for large engines for marine applications.
Another important branch was automatically operating, self-cleaning magnetic filters for purification of emulsions and oils used cold-rolling sheet metal – the first machines of this type .
1964     1964 POLO became the first company to offer self-cleaning, reversible flow filters to meet the requirements for supervision-free operation on ocean liners.
1970    Changes in the economy resulted in expansion into another, important commercial sector; machine tool constructions and its users. In the middle of the seventies POLO offered a patented suction belt drum filter operating with a mat, a compact unit predestined for use with machine tools. This was a significant step in the direction of environmental protection.
1980     The filters are designed and sold for the most part as complete lubricant treatment systems, meaning that all peripheral equipment for the filtering operations are planned and connected. In addition to the filter, this includes the pumps for the various pressure stages, storage reservoirs for contaminated and purified mediums, cooling, air purification and chip separation.
1986     CAD systems replaced drawing machines.
1990     The demands for simple disposal and cost reduction became increasingly louder and more urgent, the more the costs increased as a result of more and more stringent requirements. This resulted in development of filters without filtering aids (matting). Various filter systems with continuous synthetic belts or stainless steel mesh were offers, even though it is still not possible to replace mat-type filters for extremely fine filters.
1998     POLO Filter-Technik introduced a quality management system in conformance with DIN EN ISO 9001.
1999     POLO Filter-Technik’s 50th anniversary.
2001     Engineering and Administration moved into a new building close to production and storage and profit from the short communication paths and state-of-the-are office engineering.

Advantages of filtration

Optimum treatment of cooling lubricants means:

  Reduction of operating costs
  Extension of service life of the cooling lubricant, the tools and the pumps
  No clogging of lines and fittings
  High quality surfaces on machined part
  Better maintenance of tolerances on part
  Lower reject quota
  Less machine down times because they remain cleaner and required less cleaning
  Significantly lower wear to slideways and rotary passages
  Higher grinding rates, because grinding disks pores are kept open
  Better health for operators, because clean coolant is less aggressive to skin.

Vacuum filters

We supply the following vacuum filters:

  SAFI-T (Suction band filter drum type -fleece – 500 mm + 1000 mm fleece widths)
  SAFI-T (Suction band filter drum type -endless belt- 500 mm + 1000 mm endless belt widths)
  SAFI-E (Suction band filter bed type -fleece – 1000 mm fleece width)
  SAFI-E (Suction band filter bed type -endless belt- 1000 mm endless belt width)
  SAFI-C (Suction band filter bed type -fleece – 1500 mm fleece width)
  SAFI-C (Suction band filter bed type -endless belt- 1500 mm endless belt width)

Hydrostatic filters

We supply the following hydrostatic filters, belt / gravity filters:

  SKF (Gravity filter -mat – 500 mm; 1000 mm + 1400 mm mat widths)
  SB (Angular bed filter -mat – 500 mm; 1000 mm + 1500 mm mat widths)
  SBE (Angular bed filter -continuous belt- 500 mm; 1000 mm + 1500 mm mat widths)
  RB (Circular bed filter -mat – 500 mm; 1000 mm + 1500 mm mat widths)
  RBE (Circular bed filter -continuous belt- 500 mm; 1000 mm + 1500 mm mat widths)

Pressure/micro filters

We supply the following pressure / micro-filters:

  F118 (Single filter)
  F101 (Double filter)
  F301 (Double filter)
  F400 (Automatic back washing flow filter)
  DMS/DMP (Inline filter)
  MFGH (Magnetic filter)
  MASI (Magnetic tube screen filter)

Magnetic filters/screens

We supply the following magnetic filters / magnetic screens:

  MAF (Magnetic filter)
  MFGH (Magnetic filter)
  MASI (Magnetic tube screen filter)
  Magnetic plugs
  Magnetic screen


Do you need additional accessories for your system?
Do you need service products or replacement parts?
We have the right product for you!

  Two versions of skimmers to remove floating oil from the surface of tanks.
  Tank surface extractors for collecting and removing floating particles (e.g. graphite foam, Al micro-particles).
  Float switches of various types, adapted to operation in highly contaminated mediums.
  Filter fleece / paper, conventional dimensions and special widths possible, even for other brands of filters.
  Synthetic continuous filter belts for various dimensions as well as other brands of filters.