Смазочно-охлаждающие жидкости, реагенты и оборудование.

Chemical reagents

Chemical reagents

Weighting agents
Barite concentrate KV-3, KV-6 GOST 4682-84
Coal-alkali reagent UShR TY39-0147001-123-94

Polyacrylamides and their derivatives
Hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrile (reagent VPRG) TY2458-258-05757593-99
Lakris-20 (sopolimer salt of metacrylic acid with methyl methacrylat) TY6-01-2-793-86
KCCB-2M TY2454-32505133190-2000

Viscosity controller
NTFK TY 2499-34705763411-2000
FXLC-MN TY 17-06-322097 TY 2458-015-20672718-2001
Oxzil TY17-06-324-97

Water repellent
GUK-11N TY 2229-276-05763411-99

Reagents for enhanced recovery of oil (balancers)
Na-KMC 85/500(for drilling fluids) TY6-55-221-1453-96
Na-KMC 85/600(for drilling fluids) TY2231-037-26289127-2001
Na-KMC 85/700(for drilling fluids)


Fluid loss reducing agents
Breg-1 TY 2458-004-20672718-97
Breg-2 TY 2458-008-20672718-2000
Breg-2K TY 2458-008029672718-2000
Starch KMK TY 2262-016-32957739-01

FK-2000, FK-2000 plus TY 2458-001-49472578-98
Graphite GL-1 GOST 5279-74
Sprint-33 TY 38507-63-081-90

Beneficiated bentonite
Beneficiated bentonite PBMA, PBMV TY 39-0147001-105-93 TY 2164-002-00136716-2001

Emulsifying agents, foaming agents
Sulfonol TY 2481-057-04689375-2000

Foam breakers on the basis of polyether
Foam breaker RES-1, Penta 465 TY 2458-012-20672718-2001

Swelling inhibitors of clayey layers
Chloride calcium solid, 90% GOST 450-77

Alkaline mineralization controllers
Potassium hydroxide technical GOST 9285-78

Ligosylphonates, powdery TY 54-028-002795800-97
Lignotin TY 39-0147001-156-96
Lignotin M TY 2458-017-20672718-2002
Marble aggregate TY 57-005-49119346-01 TY 5716-003-40705684-2001
Cement PCT-1-100 GOST 1581-96
Cement PCT-1-50 GOST 1581-96
Lignogum TY 39-001147001-198-99
MBP-C (buffer material, powdery) TY 9291-193-001-99
MBP-M (buffer material,, powdery, washing) TY 2148-215-001447001-2000
Suspension MKM, methakryl TY 6-01621-91
Caustic soda m. TP GOST 2263-79
Soda ash GOST 5100-85
Potassium chloride 98% GOST 4568-96
TPFN TY 2148-037-00194441-02
Flocculant AK-631
Foam breaker PENTA TY 2257-001140245042-98
Sulphuric acid aluminum (coagulant) GOST 12966- 85
Hydrochloric acid inhibited TY2122-131-05807960-97
SRZN TY 2481-005-51444626-00
ZhS-7 TY 2123-001—12650743-2003
Neonol AF 9-10, 9-12 TY2483-007-05766801-98
Poligym TY 39-0014760001-162-97
Antistuck additive LURI-M TY2458-002-49772578-03
Biopolymer drilling mud ASG-1, ASG-2 ТУ 2458-002-49472578-03
Greasing additive FK-Lube GOST 2651-78
Dichromate natrium GOST 2651-78