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Motor oils

Advance Snowscooter Synthetic based oil especially developed for 2 stroke snow scooters operating in extreme cold conditions.

Advance VSX 2 A fully synthetic super high performance, ISO L-EGD, Jaso FD, TISI rated 2-stroke motorcycle auto lube.

Shell Ensis Oil 30 is a designed for internal corrosion protection of gasoline and diesel engines during storage. The oil is applied in place of the normal service lubricant for a short period before shut down.

Shell Mysella Oils are a wide range of specialist lubricants, from ashless products through to high ash types. They cater for the demands of both 2 and 4 stroke spark-ignited and dual fuel (pilot fuel) engines. The range includes products designed for both moderate and high oil stress engines, to minimise deposits, detonation and fouling and also includes products able to protect engines running with 'sour' gases, such as sewage and landfill gas.

Mysella LA 40
Mysella MA 40

Shell Rotella has been exclusively developed for all kinds of agricultural diesel engines such as local-made tractors, power generators and water pumps. Shell Rotella keeps engines clean and gives engine wear protection when working either at high or low temperature.

Rotella DD+40, SAE 40 API CF/CF-2
Rotella DD SAE 15W/40  API CF/CF-2

Rimula Ultra Premium protection, longer life for all low emission, high performance engines.

Rimula Ultra SAE 5w30 API CF, ACEA E4/E3
Rimula Ultra SAE 10w40 API CF, ACEA E4/E3

Rimula Super FE Semi-synthetic, premium protection, heavy-duty diesel engine oil designed to provide value-added benefits such as fuel economy for low emission, high performance engines.

Rimula Super FE SAE 10w40  API CH-4,ACEA E5/E3,DHD-1

Rimula Super Premium protection, heavy-duty diesel engine oil, for low emission, high performance engines.

Rimula Super SAE 15w40 API CI-4, ACEA E5/E3, DHD-1

Rimula X One of Shell’s best selling oils, Rimula X has long been seen as a leader in versatility delivering rugged performance in a wide range of applications. To keep up with the changing needs of our customers, many of which are now using more modern engines, or both European and American engines within one fleet, we have further improved Rimula X to provide even better engine protection. Recognising the wide range of applications, we have extensively demonstrated this improved performance with customers around the world, with over 15 million kilometres of actual field service.

Rimula X SAE 15w/40, SAE 10w/30 API CH-4, 3
Rimula X SAE 10w, SAE 30, SAE 40 API CF, 2

Rimula D Extra is a high quality, entry-level multigrade diesel engine oil that offers the user the benefits of a modern formulation that is able to cope with the stresses of turbocharged engine operation, combined with fuel efficiency, engine cleanliness and lower oil consumption associated with use of multigrades over mono-grades.

Rimula D Extra 15W/40, 10W/30 API CG-4/CF-4

Rimula D A robust, hardworking diesel engine oil for less severe operating conditions that is suitable for a wide range of turbo and non-turbo engines.

Rimula D  SAE 15/40 , 10W/30  (209 ) API F-4/SG

Harvella TX is an advanced semi-synthetic `Super Tractor Oil Universal' (STOU) based on Shell's XHVI oil technology and an advanced additive package.

Harvella TX SAE 10W/40 API CE/SF GL-4,CCMC D-4 
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