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Viscous lubrications

Shell Alvania Grease EP (LF) Premier quality, multipurpose, extreme-pressure industrial greases designed for the grease lubrication of rolling element and plain bearings.

Alvania EP (LF) 0
Alvania EP (LF) 1
Alvania EP (LF) 2
Alvania EP (LF) 2      

Shell Alvania Grease RL Multipurpose grease

Alvania RL2
Alvania RL2              
Alvania RL3
Alvania RL3              

Shell Alvania Grease WR Premium quality multi-purpose grease for the lubrication of heavy-duty plain and rolling element bearings especially in the presence of water.

Alvania WR2

Alvania 2760B
Alvania GC 00

Shell Nerita Grease HV High-speed long life bearing grease

Nerita HV
Nerita HV                   

Shell Darina Grease R2 A lubricating grease containing highly-refined mineral oils and additives.

Darina R2                    
Darina R2

Shell Malleus Grease ET an extreme-pressure grease, blended for industrial applications operating at temperatures up to 600C, is also available.

Malleus ET 2

Shell Malleus GL Open gear and wire rope lubricant

Malleus GL 25       
Malleus GL 95
Malleus GL 65
Malleus GL 500

Maleus OGH 
Maleus STC 1 
Maleus TC 1  

Shell Ossagol V Grease is a calcium soap based, semi-fluid grease with no additives or fillers for use in railroad rail and flange lubrication. Its semi-fluid consistency (NLGI Grade 000) makes it suitable for use in locomotive mounted dispensing systems.

Ossagol V 000

Shell Tivela GL 00 is ideally suited for highly loaded worm gears operating under high temperatures. It can be used from - 30°C up to +150°C thanks to the intrinsic quality of its synthetic base oil.

AEROSHELL Oils are straight mineral oils blended from selected high viscosity index base stocks.  These oils are used during break-in of most 4-stroke cycle certified aviation piston engines. Aeroshell oils are approved for all 4-stroke cycle certified aircraft piston engines when use of an ashless dispersant (AD) oil is not required.

Aeroshell Grease 16           
Aeroshell Grease 17           
Aeroshell Grease 22           
Aeroshell Grease 5            
Aeroshell Grease 7             

Shell Albida Grease 2 High temperature extreme pressure multipurpose grease
Shell Albida EVS

Shell Albida EMS 2
Shell Albida Grease RL2  High performance multi-purpose greases with excellent mechanical stability at high temperatures and under vibrating conditions.

Shell Albida Grease HD2 High temperature, loaded or low speed applications.

Shell Kuggfett
Shell Stamina Grease EP2 Ultimate performance, high temperature, very long life.

Shell Stamina HDS 2 Ultimate performance, high temperature, loaded or low speed applications, very long life (fully synthetic).
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