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Compressor oils

Shell Corena D  Specifically developed for use in reciprocating and rotating air compressors, the Shell Corena range is designed to help keep compressor failures to a minimum. Formulated to reduce component wear and give greater resistance to deposits, the Shell Corena range can contribute to the more reliable operation of your equipment.

Corena D 46
orena D 68

Shell Corena P a unique Shell lubricant specially developed for the lubrication of reciprocating air compressors, Shell Corena Oils P can dramatically cut compressor maintenance.
They can increase efficiency over greatly extended operating periods and prolong service life. Shell Corena Oils P are based on a blend of carefully selected solvent refined mineral oils.  Dispersants and other additives that combat oxidation, corrosion and foaming have been incorporated to ensure a performance approaching that of synthetic oils but at a much lower price.

Corena P 68
Corena P 100
Corena P 150

Shell Corena S have been specifically developed to cater for the lubrication requirements of  the complete spectrum of  rotary vane and screw air compressors. 
They are available in ISO VG 46 & 68 grades. They are applicable to all types and sizes of rotary vane and screw air compressors  whether oil  flooded or oil injected, male or female drive, single or two stage configurations. Although primarily designed for static industrial applications, the range is equally applicable to the lubrication of air in mobile plant configurations.

Corena S 46

Shell Corena AS  Advanced synthetic compressor lubricant capable of giving the best available performance in any oil-flooded air compressor of screw or vane design. Shell Corena AS will be of particular benefit to operators with high maintenance costs.

Corena AS 46
Corena AS 68

Shell Corena is a top-tier reciprocating air compressor lubricant. 
It is based on synthetic ester fluids and incorporates the latest additive technology to provide the highest possible performance. For high performance reciprocating compressors, Corena AP oils (ISO grades 68 and 100) are recommended for reciprocating compressors operating at continuous high pressure and high temperature. The excellent oxidative stability and low deposit formation tendency allows for service lives in excess of 8000 hours.

Corena AP 68
Corena AP 100

Shell Corena V  Premium performance, highly refined mineral oil, designed for the lubrication of rotary vacuum pumps.

orena V  100

Shell Turbo T These oils are premium quality turbine, hydraulic and circulating oils designed to provide excellent lubrication of precision turbines in industrial and marine service. 
Shell TURBO T Oil 32 is widely used for lubrication of electrical power generation turbines. Shell TURBO T Oils are premium rust and oxidation inhibited oils for general plant bearing and gear lubrication.  All three grades are approved by the USDA for H2 use in meat and poultry plants where there is no possible contact between lubricant and edible product.

Turbo T 32
Turbo T 46
Turbo T 68

Shell Turbo GT Premium industrial turbine oil for Gas Turbine applications

Turbo  GT EP 32

Shell Torcula – Pneumatic rockdrill oils
Torcula oils are premium, high performance lubricants developed specifically for the lubrication of rockdrills, jackhammers and other air operated percussion tools. Torcula oils offer superior wear protection and controlled atomization and misting during operations.

Torcula 32
Torcula 68
Torcula 100

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