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FORTA Super-Sweep

After years of development, and actual field trials, FORTA Corporation has introduced FORTA Super-Sweep® Fiber - an advanced hole cleaning agent for the drilling industry.  Super-Sweep Fiber offers a quick and easy way to mechanically increase the carrying capacity of drilling fluids, without affecting viscosity.  Super-Sweep provides a cost-effective method of sweeping for all types of drilling operations without the hassle and complications of competitive products. 
Super-Sweep is a specially treated synthetic fiber, made from 100% virgin materials in a monofilament form.  Super-Sweep is white in color, and is produced in uniform lengths to allow for rapid dispersion and uniform flowability in a wide range of fluids.  Super-Sweep Fiber is also chemically inert and non-toxic, and is compatible with all water, oil, and synthetic fluids.

Super-Sweep Packaging

Super-Sweep is conveniently packaged in 15-pound easy-open cartons, and can be quickly added to the fluid system in pill form through the hopper. Simply mix the desired concentration of Super-Sweep into a pre-determined volume pill and circulate while continuing normal operations. The Super-Sweep fibers and captured solids are easily removed by the solids control equipment.

Super-Sweep Field Tests

Scores of actual field tests have proven Super-Sweep's effectiveness in removing sand, silt, gravel, shale, and milled metal fragments. Unlike high viscosity polymer sweeps, Super-Sweep can be used as often as needed without the risk of increasing the viscosity of heavily weighted systems.

Consider the many benefits that make up the Super-Sweep Advantage:

  Mechanically increases the carrying capacity of all fluids
  Avoids costly mud-ups when using water or brines
  Removes metal fragments during milling operations
  Prevents or cures tight connections while drilling or on trips.
  Provides a cost effective hole-cleaning method prior to running casing, logging, or tripping pipe.
  Can be used from surface to total depth.
  Chemically compatible with all water, oil, and synthetic-based fluids.
  Temperature stable to 300 degrees F.
  Environmentally safe - LC50 value of 1 million.
  Reduces costly clean-ups from using polymers in work-over operations.
  Offers the most economical alternative to high-cost, high-viscosity polymer sweeps.
  Unaffected by sub-freezing temperatures as with some liquid polymers.

Super-Sweep. Hole Cleaning Agent

FORTA SUPER-SWEEP® fiber is a specially-treated 100% virgin synthetic monofilament fiber that is used as a hole-cleaning agent. When mixed and distributed in various fluids, SUPER-SWEEP fiber enhances the carrying capacity of drilling fluids without increasing the fluid's viscosity. SUPER-SWEEP fiber is non-corrosive, non-magnetic, chemically inert, and temperature stable in the designed applications.

FORTA SUPER-SWEEP® fiber is added to a variety of drilling fluids to increase the flow and removal of solids within a well-bore application. SUPER-SWEEP fiber suspends easily and uniformly in fresh water, salt water, and water based drilling muds, allowing it to effectively transport solids out of the drilling environment.  SUPER-SWEEP fiber does not affect the chemistry nor increase the viscosity of the drilling fluid.

FORTA SUPER-SWEEP® fiber is easily added and pre-mixed in the drilling fluid at various concentration levels, depending on the level of solids suspension desired. In water, a minimum dosage of one box (15 pounds) of SUPER-SWEEP fiber per 30 barrel sweep has shown to be an effective addition level to remove cuttings and solids. In drilling mud, a minimum dosage of one box (15 pounds) of SUPER-SWEEP fiber per 60 barrel sweep has proven effective. The fluid with the SUPER-SWEEP fiber is then introduced by pump suction to the drilling fluids system and circulated through the drilling system. The SUPER-SWEEP fiber and transported cuttings are removed by the shaker or discharged to the reserve pit.
Material:  Virgin Homopolymer Polypropylene
Form: Monofilament Fiber 
Specific Gravity: 1.0 in Treated Form 
Length: 1/2 in. (13mm)
Color :  White 
Chemical Resistance: Inert
Absorption: Nil 
Softening Point: 315°F            
FORTA SUPER-SWEEP® fiber is available to the drilling industry through an authorized FORTA products distributor. Contact FORTA Corporation for product availability information (1-800-245-0306)

Boxes:  15 pounds
Pallets: 24 boxes; 360 pounds

FORTA SUPER-SWEEP® fiber is warranted to be free of defects and to meet all quality control standards set by the manufacturer. FORTA has no control over the placement or use of the fluids in which SUPER-SWEEP fiber is incorporated, therefore FORTA Corporation assumes no responsibility for the end product.
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