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 part cleaners, system cleaners and floor cleaners
 based on renewable oils and their chemical modifications
 range of emulsions, specifically developed for heavy duty machining and grinding. They are suitable for a wide range of materials from aluminium to ferrous metals
 semi-synthetic fluids and are specifically designed for machining as well as grinding operations
 tapping compound is a water-soluble paste that contains chemical and extreme pressure (EP) type lubricants
 range of fully synthetic fluids recommended for grinding and machining operations - where transparency and rancidity control are important
 has been developed for a variety of metal forming operations ranging from light duty stamping to heavy-duty drawing
 range of straight oils, used for many different metal removal processes
 a quality waterdisplacing corrosion preventive
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a quality waterdisplacing corrosion preventive

CIMGUARD 20 is a light mineral oil based, non-nitrite, water-displacing corrosion preventive for protection of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals during indoor storage and wrapped shipment. Cimguard 20 forms a protective coating which is thin and slightly oily, non-staining to copper, copper alloys and aluminium. Specifically designed for dip tanks and production line spray application to parts wet with water-based cutting or grinding fluids where fluid run-off is collected for re-use. In the sump, water quickly settles to the bottom and can be drained off. For optimal performance, it is recommended to use a specially designed tank, which permits the easy removal of displaced water. Provision should be made for the surplus fluid to drain from the components when subsequent evaporation that will leave the protective film. Features and benefits: Rapidly displaces water and deposits a polar corrosion preventive film on the metal. Non-emulsifying - water separates rapidly from the metal and settles to the bottom of the tank, leaving Cimguard 20 ready for re-use. Quick curing - leaving a thin protective film after evaporation. Long lasting protection in process for wet or dry metal parts during indoor storage, or in wrapped shipment. Protective coating does not prevent accurate gauging of finished components (Approximate film thickness 0.002 mm). Economical - covers approximately 100m²/1.  Store at room temperature.
 Packaging type   20, 200   litre drums 

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