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We provide customized technology for automated quality control of torsion bars, steering casings, brake pads and other automotive components.

Cylinder Liner Tester

This inspection system is for off-line detection of internal and external flaws in automotive engine cylinder liners. The system uses the eddy current flaw detection method to detect micro-cracks, surface imperfections and sub-surface flaws. It can also monitor average surface roughness and heat treatment condition. Defective parts are automatically diverted to the reject chute. A typical test cycle in a production factory is less then 15 seconds.

Friction Material Test Machine

Block Test Machine (BTM) for Brake Liner Testing

High quality of friction materials used in the manufacturing of automotive brake shoes can be assured by automated inspection, based on unique couplant-free ultrasonic technology. Ultrasound propagation is typically achieved by means of acoustic couplant. For brake liners however, no couplant use is permitted. Ultrasonic inspection without couplant is a challenge. Further to that, brake pads are made of materials which exhibit very high sound attenuation, and thus are very difficult to test.

Our innovative probe design permits successful examination using dry ultrasonic technique. Three roller probes emit sonic waves which penetrate through material thickness. If a flaw is detected, the tested piece is rejected. The test cycle is fully automated, complete with part rejection mechanics.

The system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of brake shoe profiles and compositions. Our automated system for detection of internal lamination and voids in automotive brake liners can be inserted into a production line or can be used off-line.

Torsion Bar Tester

This semi-automated system is for off-line examination of torsion bars using the eddy current method. It is designed to detect longitudinal flaws in bars after forming and heat treatment. The accept/reject decision is determined by comparing the electrical signals to a reference flaw size. A flaw as small as 0.005" can be reliably detected. This tester compliments or replaces standard magnetic particle inspection.

Engine Block Casting Tester

This ultrasonic system is for off-line examination of a critical bearing seat area in an engine block casting. The tester compliments X-Ray examination by detecting planar flaws and fine porosities. The validation process is fully computerized, focusing specifically on the machining line section. Results of the test are graphically presented on a computer screen.

Automated Bar Tester

This tester is a heavy duty ultrasonic inspection system, complete with loading and unloading equipment for round bars up to 800 mm in diameter. The system can inspect peeled or raw bars for internal and surface flaws using an array of probes.

X-Ray System

This automated system is for on-line verification of thin wall (1.5mm) pressure tubing welds in brake lines and other critical applications. It uses a high resolution radiography technique.

Other Car Parts

Automotive parts can be examined for surface cracks in critical areas as well as for verification of the material hardening process. Automated inspection provides for uniform reliable test results and a high production rate. Eddy current testing can be combined with ultrasonic testing to measure nodularity at specific points of the part.
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