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Steel Manufacturing

We custom design Automated NDT Systems for steel tube and pipes (seamless or welded), boiler tubing, round bar, square bar, steel plate, steel billets and wire.

Testing assures that products have been manufactured to the applicable industrial standards and quality control specifications.

Our equipment has been installed in a number of major steel mills in Europe, North America and Asia.

SonoTron TM SW For Spiral Welded Tubes

SonoTron TM SW is a computer supervised automated test system for ultrasonic assessment of the integrity of large diameter spiral tube welds. The remote control, with full parallel display of signals, is installed conveniently within the operator's reach to accelerate the test probes set up and calibration sequence. Automated probe activation & retraction, automated tracking of the weld, and probe positive position engagement ensure full volumetric inspection of the weld and the heat affected zone with uniform and repeatable test results. Weld integrity is displayed in color graphics in real time.

SonoTron TM SW includes:

  Power Supply Modules
  Multichannel Ultrasonic Instrumentation UMS280/18
  Flaw and Control Echo Alarm Module
  System Control Section
  18 Transmitters - Receivers
  Computer Monitoring System
  Weld Tracker Section

SonoTron TM For Heavy Wall Tubes

This ultrasonic system is designed for full body examination of heavy wall tubes up to 18 m (54') long with a nominal wall thickness up to 75 mm (3"). The system is fully computerized, generating comprehensive reports indicating wall thickness and location of flaws in relation to longitudinal as well as radial positions. The mechanics of the system is very robust, capable of handling heavy weights.

Products with large out-of-straightness conditions can still be reliably tested.

SonoTron TM 360/40 For Nuclear Application Tubes

This automated off-line system is designed for multi-channel ultrasonic examination of high alloy precision tubes for the nuclear industry. The N5 (5% of wall) notch (0.05 mm) is clearly detected in transverse, longitudinal and oblique directions. The tubes are transported forward while being rotated using a chain-driven conveyor.

SonoTron TM 360 For Composite Carbon Alloy Tubes

SonoTron TM 360 is an automated system for total volumetric inspection of large diameter composite carbon alloy steel heavy wall tubes up to 16 m (50') long. The system is designed for multi-directional flaw detection and simultaneous thickness measurement. The transport system is capable of handling heavy tubes or solid bars. Tube rotation is provided by sets of "V" rollers which are driven by hydraulic motors. Loading and unloading is fully automated using sets of mechanical hydraulic arms. Hard rubber-coated heavy-duty wheels rotate the material during the test cycle.

Eddytron TM ERW / 8 For ERW (Electro-Resistance Welded) Tubes

This robust system, designed for steel mill industrial environments, detects and evaluates longitudinal, transverse or thru-hole flaws in electro-resistance welded tubes up to 8" in diameter.

The detection of flaws is accomplished using a dynamic eddy current scanning method.

Flaw sizes are electronically compared to known reference standards. The unit features a floating inspection head capable of axial rotation as well as vertical pre-adjustment for tube size and elevation.

Laser welded or electro-resistance welded tubes on the production line are examined according to API, ASME, DIN and other international standards.

Test equipment in a typical production line consists of:

  Eddy Current Instrumentation
  Test Coil Assembly
  Magnetic Saturation Unit
  Line Encoder
  Flaw Marking Unit
  Visual and /or Acoustic Alarm Unit Data Recorder

Eddytron TM ERW / 4 For Stainless Steel Welded Tubes

This system is designed for the inspection of stainless steel welded tubes using a single channel segment coil. Material magnetic saturation is not required. Non-conforming product is identified by a visual alarm beacon and an automated paint marking unit.

Eddytron TM 2.0

The Eddytron TM 2.0 is an automated Eddy current tester for a turn-key tubular material inspection. The tester is supplied with driven in-feed and out-feed rollers and is designed for the detection of surface flaws in tubes and/or solid bars up to 4" (100 mm) O.D. Tested materials are magnetically saturated, inspected for surface flaws and demagnetized before exiting the test unit. An automated two-color marking unit classifies and identifies flaw severity in two levels. The unit can be connected to a chart recorder or to a data acquisition and processing computer to provide statistical reports.

Rototron TM

The Rototron TM is an ultrasonic testing system with a tube-rotating test head. The pictured system (right) is designed for tubes or solid bars up to 50 mm in diameter. This flexible and universal system can also be equipped with a precision thickness measuring module. The module is designed to contain 4 to 16 test probes. The ultrasonic immersion testing operation is based on the use of replaceable focused probes which can be adjusted with a micro-screw to create the desired sound wave angle in the material being tested. This method permits a wide range of customized setups.

SonoTron TM For Round Bars

This system is for the high resolution ultrasonic inspection of round bars (at the processing stage) for internal and surface flaws.

The cross-section of material on the right shows a typical internal burst defect located in its center.

The color image on the left depicts the results of an ultrasonic test on a 24" long bar sample. Defective areas are shown as indications in red. The image has been generated by an automated test system which is integrated with computerized signal processing. Software allows for calculation of acceptable lengths to minimize material waste. The test can also be conducted exclusively on pre-selected sections of any particular bar. Furthermore, specific material sections can undergo more focused higher sensitivity examination.

Inspection of Casings (Hollow Bodies)

We design equipment for the examination of steel and aluminum casings for the pressure vessel and defense industries.

Our equipment provides high density volumetric examination of the body in eight directions, allowing for the detection of planar flaws and wall thickness monitoring.

Inspection of Projectiles

We offer laboratory equipment for the quality control of projectiles during the manufacturing process. A set of high frequency ultrasonic transducers detects micro-cracks at critical material transition areas of 30mm projectile bodies.

Inspection of Clad Pipes

Examination of bi-metallic clad pipes is accomplished by a combination of electromagnetic and ultrasonic methods.

The electromagnetic method is used for thickness measurement of the internal liner. The ultrasonic method is used for multi-directional examination of internal bond integrity and flaw detection in carbon steel pipe.

Clad pipes are used to transport highly corrosive fluids.

Wire Inspection

Eddytron TM technology is used for the wire industry. Our Eddy Current flaw detection unit examines the wire by a non-contact method.

Heavy Plate Tester

Combining Eddy Current and Ultrasonic inspection methods, our system is designed to provide full surface and volumetric coverage of large heavy plate that can be more than 4 metres in width, 50 metres in length and over 100 mm thick. The system detects and evaluates laminations and longitudinal & transverse oriented flaws.
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