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Complete Solutions

You provide a challenge, and we provide a complete solution!

From research and design to manufacture and installation, we do it all.

And we don't stop there... we also provide training and excellent customer support.


Continuous research in material sciences, sound, optical and electromagnetic technologies provides a solid base for development and implementation of automatic material testing and measuring systems.

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering department provides conceptual and engineering design of customized automatic systems and machinery for material measuring and testing.

This in-house capability assures close coordination between the sales and production departments.

The initial conception of a project is based on the evaluation of customer requirements and specifications. The design takes into consideration type of industry, local conditions, system performance requirements as well as commercial terms.

Our professional engineering personnel have many man-years of experience in industrial design, specializing in customized projects.

In addition to designing automated testing and measuring systems, we also design special purpose heavy industry machinery.

Electronic Engineering

The electronic engineering department is responsible for the development, design, manufacture, assembly and testing of electronic instrumentation used for measuring and testing of materials. This includes the manufacturing of our own specialized printed circuit boards. A team of qualified engineers assures that our proprietary Eddy Current and Ultrasonic multi-channel instrumentation incorporates the latest technological developments.

Our engineering personnel have many man-years of experience in conceptualization and design of electronic circuits at the analog & digital levels.

Fabrication of electronic boards includes components placement, soldering and operational as well as environmental testing.

Standard production electronics for:

  Eddy current equipment
  Ultrasonic equipment
  Automated marking
  Signal processing boards
  Analog to digital boards
  Data acquisition boards
  Optical transmitters and receivers
  CRT modules

Special purpose electronics for:

  Hydraulic proportional valve controls
  Hydraulic servo valve control
  Fiber optic signal transmission
  Prototype boards and R&D


The programming department provides technical support for the projects using common software platforms such as C++, Assembler, QNX, Windows, etc. as well as embedded programming of DSPs. The data acquisition software, signal filtering and final reporting of results in color graphics are developed according to specifications. Data transfer to higher systems and data storage are implemented according to customer requirements.


The company specialty is the production of customized automated NDT systems for manufacturing, nuclear, transportation, steel and chemical industries. These demanding applications require highly skilled personnel to deliver quality work.


Manufactured equipment is pre-assembled in our workshop where electrical connections, sensors, hydraulics and pneumatic equipment is installed. Following installation, the equipment is tested and prepared for shipment and assembly at the client's site.

The following scope of work assignments is available for the manufacturing of complete turnkey systems:

  PLC Programming
  Electrical Panels
  Special Purpose Machines


Electrical assignments are carried out from the electrical schematics level to the manufacturing of control panels, installation of sensors, wiring, testing and up to programmable logics. Our company's personnel are familiar with all major types of PLC units. Assignments requiring re-programming can be carried out in many instances by modem link.


A wide range of in-house capabilities is essential to our engagement in contracts requiring full integration such as fully automated systems and robotics.


Project installations are carried out in close cooperation with the customer. The NDT Technologies team has experience installing automated NDT systems in many different countries, respecting local technical and safety standards & requirements.


Training of customer personnel in the use of our equipment is provided at our facility or at the customer's location. Specialized courses in non-destructive testing methods for Level 1 and Level 2 specialists are available in cooperation with Canadian and foreign educational institutions.

Service and Support

We service what we sell. Customer support is just a phone call away.

Most equipment supplied to our customers is installed on the production line. Time is the prime consideration. Customer assistance is provided promptly using modern communication technologies. Our factory trained service personnel are available to travel on short notice from our strategically located service centers in Montreal, Europe and the Far East.
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