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Equipment  Service of stop valves  Information system on estimation of technical condition and service of stop valves  

Information system on estimation of technical condition and service of stop valves.

Company “Norteks” offers an information system on gathering, accumulation, processing and the analysis of the information necessary for the decision of industrial problems on diagnostic check and service of a stop valve.

Information bases on a stop valve (passport, normative, on diagnostic check and service) are carried out at levels departments and “Transgas”. The volume of information bases allows to make efficient decisions on working capacity of stop valve and to provide the current information from the lowest level to the subsequent, higher, including from the level of “Transgas” to the level of OAO “Gasprom”.  

Information bases on stop valve include:

  Design features, characteristics and schemes of managements;
  Parameters describing shut-off cock on an installation place;
  Normative data on tightness, charge of hydro fluids and sealing pastes, time of turn of a shutter;
  Data on characteristic of transported gas, type of a used hydro fluid, paste and adsorber;
  Data on rearrangements, maintenance service and repair of valve;
  Graphic package of design features of cranes (depending on company- supplier), schemes of pipe connections  and pipeline  with the mounted valve.

The base of diagnostic check includes an interactive technique which provides an estimation of a technical condition of stop valve by means of checking (directly valve testing) of basic operational parameters with providing of prospective malfunctions and malfunctions in work of stop valve and also ways of their elimination.  

Information system is intended for:

  increase of reliability of work of a stop valve, decrease in a level of its breakdown susceptibility, improvement of quality of service and qualification of the operational personnel;
  providing of experts of departments and managements of “Transgas” with an operative and trustworthy information.
  Creations of uniform information space and the organization of the removed multiuser mode of access to the information;
  Unifications and automation of processing of the information.  

The information system is based on application programs for one-user (Desktop) databases or on technology the client-server of standard servers of databases (MS SQL, Interbase etc.). It is intended for operational system MS Windows and cooperates with graphic and office application programs (MS Excel, MS Word). Expansions for other application programs and databases in addition are possible.

The package of applied programs of the user provides:

  an opportunity of input in system under the password, registration of users, purpose and change of passwords;
  an opportunity of reception of the information by means of “mouse” on stop valve of pipe connections  and pipeline ;
  an opportunity of creation and viewing symbolic circuit objects;
  an opportunity of search and sorting of the information on any specified parameter which is available in system;
  an opportunity of work with symbolic circuits  of pipe connections  and objects pipeline, i. e. an input in it by means of “mouse”, disclosing of units.
  opportunity of entering and saving of the interesting information (about replacement of valve, failure, a condition of the equipment, etc.);
  drawing up of reports (the list of types of reports will be coordinated at a stage of development of a breadboard model of object);
  the opportunity of reception of listing of any of created

Services on service of  valve
OOO “Norteks” carries out services on service of any type of stop valves.  

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